Tantric beauty

Just ended a session of tantric massage
And oh dear
I feel so good about it
Really love my job
I feel so passionate
Seeing people’s eyes at the end of the session
And during
Seeing the magic arising within themselves
It’s wonderful
It’s beautiful
I feel so lucky
To have found that field
Within myself
And people
Where the magic happens
Where we’re one and nothing else matters
That’s fantastical
Seeing the progress of people within the sessions
Seeing how they evolve
How they are more themselves
How they feel about themselves
How they react to their emotions
How they see the relational space,
The energy exchange
After one, or a few sessions
As I say to my customers
We don’t really create anything
We don’t really change anything
We just retrieve that state of being
That state that’s in the flow
That zone,
Within the motions of emotions
That sense of peacefulness
That sense of security
Was there
All the time
It was there
All the time
Coming from the self, within
Coming from what’s eternal, within yourself
You were already whole, at some point
But you forgot it
And that’s ok
It’s all a game
Just a game
Where we retrieve ourselves
Through interactions
With other human fellows

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