It’s perfect that way

It’s all supposed to be the way it is right now
Nothing is wrong about what is
It’s perfect actually
It’s really supposed to be like that
There’s nothing wrong about what is
There are no mistakes at all
There are no imperfections in this moment
We’re at the edge of being more here
We’re at the edge of being more present with what is
It really is a gift to be here
It really is a gift to open our eyes
To open our hands
To receive what’s meant to be received
To just soften and experiment the moment
The way it’s exactly being given
Right now
All those tensions
Those flies flying around
Those noises
This uncomfort
This emotion
Those sensations
That’s perfect
That’s really what’s supposed to be happening
All those thoughts flying around, inward and outward
Are here for reasons
There’s no mistakes

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