Stress is not our enemy

Stress is not our enemy
Stress is our friend
It’s here for a good reason
It’s not here to spoil our life
It’s here to serve us in the best possible way
It needs to be allowed to do its job
It’s actually here to make us more aware and more happy, more fulfilled
It’s not here to “ruin” everything
It’s here to be an ally
A companion in our everyday lives
Indicating us that something is not going ok
That something needs to change
That we need to stop doing something
Or stop not doing that thing
Maybe stop saying that thing
Maybe start saying it
It’s here to tell us that we might believe something about ourselves, others or that situation that might not be reflection of our higher/inner self
It needs our love
As much as our love needs our attention
Thanksfulness is possible when stress arises
Yes it’s possible
It’s not about denial at all
It’s all about honest, genuine thanksfulness
May stress be an opportunity to be thanksfull, and happy to have a body that works great, that indicates what needs to be indicated.

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