Hi, I’m Florian Mantes and I am an intuitive coach.

I am here to help people help themselves, give them advises that do not come from years of studies of psychotherapy at school, but rather on my own personal experience, on what truly worked for me, and keep working until today.

I’m neither a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a therapist.
I am here to offer you help, a complement that you maybe need in addition to your actual therapy.

My specialty is emotional presence, making space for people who are facing a difficult moment, being a friend, a presence, a hand that can take during those difficult moments. I am profoundly persuaded that the ingredient that we mainly need in a moment of distress, is human connection and unconditional presence. I believe that we need to feel that we are not alone in what we feel, that somebody feels us, hears us, sees us and understands us, in the reality e are currently experiencing.

My intention is to help you to re-establish a conscious contact with parts of yourself that you were forced to separate yourself from , in order to maintain a lasting state of connection with your siblings .

As human beings, social specie, we highly depend upon each other. Our first fundamental need is human connection. Without it, it is impossible for us to survive , and being able to thrive in a sane and functional way.  This is why we are all fragmented, separated from certain parts of ourselves, which from socialization and education , started to be perceived as “unacceptable”, “undesirable”, “unlovable”.

Fragmentation is the first adaptation strategy for trauma.
We do our best to “cut” ourselves from certain parts and cast them away to cower into our shadow.

Each parts of our personality contains crucial informations about our ambitions, our desires, our fundamental needs, who we are in this life.  In any case, I do not have the ability to rescue your from your distress, but I can take your hand and show you how to become the rescuer of so many parts of you that needs your attention and love.

Beneath every unresolved trauma, hides a subconscious core belief. By using Shadow Work, we’re gonna go toward the root of why what is happening to you now is happening to you now.

Shadow Work allows us to understand and integrate the mechanic of our emotions, our subconscious behaviors that which repeat themselves in our life. This technique allows us to dive into the darkness of our subconscious , and assimilate the repressed thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are cowered into our shadow. The practice of Shadow Work will inevitably allow us to see the understanding and knowledge that we have of ourselves grow,to retrieve some of our most repressed qualities, ti significantly increase the degree of peace in which we position ourselves into, to reduce internal division and thus the degree of suffering in which we find ourselves into, regain power over our life,  to take new decisions that aren’t coming from a space of unconsciousness but rather from a space of full awareness of the different polarities that are parts of our psyche.

Shadow Work will be a companion that helps us to reach a state of joy, the joy of wholeness.

In fact, Shadow Work and emotional presence will help us to feel better, much better over time 🙂

By integrating fully and consciously those parts that we have repressed, we understand which fundamental needs and desires were not fulfilled back in time, and how to integrate this transformation, this new mechanic, in our everyday life of today.


Shadow Work and emotional presence are a path towards wholeness, these are clearly not the easiest and most comfortable practices, but this is a path that has the chances to makes us feel happier and more whole over time <3


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